Payment Gateway
We at BizPro enable your business to process online payments using the lead payment gateway service “CCAvenue”. We manage your business with multiple payment methods while preventing fraud. We create a secure link between your website and CCAveneue so you can launch your business and online store worldwide. We customize your payment pages with elegance to make sure the payment and currency exchange are effortless for the buyers.

Maximum Payment Options

6 Credit Cards, 58+ Net Banking, 97+ Debit Cards, 13 Prepaid Instruments, 15 Bank EMI

Iframe Integration

Accept payments on your checkout page without being PCI DSS certified.

Multiple Currency Processing

Deliver a buying experience and let your customers enjoy the currency they know best

Smart Dynamic Routing

Switch transactions dynamically depending on banks ensure consistently high success rates

CCAvenue Checkout

Quick and simple checkout experience for your returning customers

Mobile Payments

Collect payments securely and seamlessly within your iOS, Android or Windows app